PBS Textbook

Called to Shepherd God's People,  the PBS textbook, has surveys of the Old and New Testament, and lessons on Christian life and witness.

PBS Teacher's Manual

Feeding the Shepherds is the teacher's manual for conducting Portable Bible Schools. It contains a proposed class schedule and gives advice for leading a successful PBS.

GC3 Textbook

Seven Step Seminar

The Seven-Step Soul-Saving Seminar is included in the Tentmaker's Manual. This link will provide the material as a separate publication.

WIN Manual

The Discipleship Manual, text for Women's Impact Network groups (WIN), includes character studies of great women of the Bible along with lessons on discipleship and personal holiness.

The Tentmaker's Manual, textbook for Great Commission Challenge Camps, has 16 lessons which equip youth to fulfill the Great Commission while being self-supporting in whatever profession God leads them to adopt.

PEL Textbook

Praying Effectively for the Lost, written by Lee E. Thomas, explains how strongholds develop that hinder a person from accepting Christ as Lord and Savior. It outlines a prayer strategy for tearing down those strongholds.

New Life for All

New Life for All, a text developed by Evangelism Resources, gives the rationale and methods for making Christians effective witnesses.

IBS Textbook

The Preach the Word Workbook is the text developed by ER for use in Inductive Bible Study (IBS) seminars,  teaching this specific method of interpreting God's Word.



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