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May 16, 2018

Prakash Tode, our director in Maharashtra – Yavatmal, reports that his Katkari students in the Mobile School of Evangelism (MSOE) have been active and fruitful this last year: 154 people saved; 112 people baptized; 32 cell groups started; 14 house churches planted! Maruti is an example of what we hoped the MSOEs would produce.  He is Katkari and had become a believer.  As he grew he became burdened for “his people.”  He enrolled in the MSOE and has now led 25 more Katkari to Jesus!  Pray for persistence for the workers and for deep roots for these new believers!


 INDIA: (1) Celebrate with us as Deepak Maurice, in Uttar Pradesh, announces 5 more baptisms from UPGs.  Sadly, he reports that more are ready for baptism, but must wait until the political/social climate cools a bit.  Pray for wisdom and protection for him and his team. (2) The Rawates are grieving the loss of Stephen’s brother-in-law May 12th.  Please pray for comfort for them.


NIGERIA: The Abayas are back in the USA. Praise God for their protection during this last year and for the good fruit of their ministry! You may be able to converse with them more conveniently during their time here.


PHILIPPINES:  Bob and Kay are back in the US until June 1. The SOE is continuing in Baguio with 5 of the 16 courses completed with 20 students attending. You can imagine the challenges that face an effort/organization wherein everything is new.  Pray for unity among the leaders and for quick maturity for the fledging effort.  The first SOE graduation is targeted for November 4!


RAMADAN is May 15 – Jun 14. This is a special time when spiritual sensitivity is high amongst our Mzlm Neighbors!  So many have found Christ since large numbers of Christians began praying these last 30 years.  During this time, many Mzlms seek truth in an open, honest way.  What a profound thing it is when Jesus shows up in response!  Pray for hundreds of thousands to see Jesus for who He is, and look for opportunities to lovingly engage seekers around you. There is an informative prayer guide available at  Today focuses on the people of the Comoros islands, where 99% follow African-influenced folk Islm.


ER FRIENDS / HOME OFFICE: (1) Pray for those fighting serious illnesses: Janet Bunge, Rick Burns, Lois Charls, Arlene Johnson, Dick Reznik, Robyn Schwartz, Bernice Spann, Gale Wetzel.  (2) Steve & Lorrie are on vacation visiting Matthew in Utah.


Thank you for praying with us!




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“Pray also for me, that whenever I speak, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in chains. Pray that I may declare it fearlessly, as I should.” Eph. 6:19,20



Unreached People Group (UPG)

UPG: The Katkari, also known as Kathodi, are social outcasts—particularly

disadvantaged and vulnerable. Mostly landless, they have become nomads in

search of sustenance, working primarily as agricultural laborers. The Katkari

have low literacy levels, so the gospel must be shared with them orally. Some

Katkari practice witchcraft and sorcery. Evangelical Christian: 0.3%