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March 14, 2018

AFRICA: Mayo Abaya requests urgent prayer. The School of Evangelism (SOE) in Jos, Nigeria is at great risk of being occupied by Mu$l!m terrorists.

We woke up this morning with a call from our campus team. Villages all around the campus are being burned to the ground.  We hear a barrage of gun fire and see people fleeing into the city. Please pray for our students, staff and for our campus. We need God's supernatural cover over us. Pray that God will show His power over this evil being perpetrated against people in Nigeria. Pray for victory.” - Mawo

We received an update from Jos SOE this afternoon. Terrorists came into the SOE campus in the early morning and shots were fired, but no one was injured. The military arrived and escorted the campus vehicles to safety. The police have secured the campus and road. Students are being dismissed early for evangelism field work with plans to return in late April. Pray for the students that they would be bold in sharing the Gospel and pray against all fear in proclaiming Jesus.

INDIA: (1) We thank God for His movement within the Dhanuk and Mazhabi people groups! ER’s Mobile Schools of Evangelism (MSOE) students are very young, Dhanuk and Mazhabi people, and very enthusiastic! (2) P.B. visited a Dhanuk settlement this morning - no electricity or water. There's a small group of new believers who were won to the Lord by our SOE students and are now being led by one of our SOE graduates. We praise the Lord and thank Him for these "first fruits" of ER's work in two unreached people groups (UPGs).

ER FRIENDS: Pray for those fighting serious illnesses: Janet Bunge, Rick Burns, Lois Charls, Arlene Johnson, Dick Reznik, Robyn Schwartz, Bernice Spann, Gale Wetzel, Sally Wilcox and Susan Yetter.


  • S.L. has returned to the US safely from the Philippines. He is very excited to share the news of the launch of ER’s Philippines SOE in our upcoming newsletter.
  • P.B. is visiting Chandigarh SOE and will soon be making the long trip to Patna. This weekend he will be visiting Bihar MSOE rural church planting teams and the Bihar SOE.
  • A.S., director of the International School of Evangelism in Kolkatta, India and his wife S.S. are visiting Lexington, KY until the end of March. They will be at ER HQ in Wilmore, KY this Friday 3/16 for a meet and greet: 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Please stop by and meet this couple! They are being used in mighty ways by our Father in heaven.


Thank you for praying with us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored among all peoples!

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“The name of the LORD is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe”

     Proverbs 18:10





Unreached People Group (UPG)

 Dhanuks are employed by landlords to do field labor and private household work. They are influenced by Hindu religion and the Indian culture. Dhanuks believe in magic, witchcraft, and spirits of the dead. They are divided into two groups in terms of religious practice: those who worship Kali are called Kaliyaha and others are called Maharkhiya. Joshua project reports less than 1% are Christian, but sources in the field report several churches are forming and growing quickly. PB is visiting with young Dhanuk Christians, "The new believers are very young, probably late teens to middle twenties, but very enthusiastic about Jesus, being discipled, and spreading the good news!