Prayer Hotline

August 30, 2017

Note: Some information has been redacted to protect privacy. See note below for a guide to acronyms.

Please join us this Friday, September 1, for ER’s monthly day of prayer and fasting.

“I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people—for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.” 1 Tim. 2:1-2









Unreached People Group (UPG): The Miri are a scheduled caste of India, meaning they are considered “‘untouchable” in orthodox H!nd* scriptures and practice, officially regarded as socially disadvantaged. Numbering 773,000 in India, Miri live primarily in Arunachal Pradesh and Assam states in Northeast India. Their main vocations are agriculture and fishing, and most are H!nd* or animist. Significant progress is being made among the Miri, with at least 253 villages evangelized and 364 people won to Christ. Two Mobile Schools of Evangelism (MSOEs) are in operation with 26 Miri students preparing to evangelize their own people. Our School of Evangelism (SOE) Director in Arunachal Pradesh plans to evangelize remote Miri villages along the Brahmaputra River as soon as he obtains the vehicle he needs. (We have been praying for funds for this project).



SOE - School of Evangelism

MSOE - Mobile School of Evangelism

PBS - Portable Bible School

GC3 - Great Commission Challenge Camp

WIN - Women's Impact Network

PAKISTAN: Portable Bible School (PBS) teacher training is underway for a small group using the internet. Classes run from 8-8 daily! They each prepare two lessons per day and teach them to others in training. Educational tradition in Pakistan is rote learning—pray as they also learn to think for themselves, understand the material, and ask pertinent questions. Once trained, this team will begin to teach PBSes and equip more instructors.

INDIA: (1) The Dhanbad SOE has completed research to locate people of the Kol and Turi UPGs. Pray as next steps of engagement are planned. Also intercede for two SOE instructors who are traveling in the region to recruit and spread the SOE vision.

AFRICA: (1) The ruling party won the recent election in Angola, but the opposition is challenging results. Continue to pray for peace. (2) The first Great Commission Challenge Camp (GC3) in Goma, D.R. Congo, is now underway. One difficulty is the need to transport campers daily by bus between lodging and teaching venues. Camp will finish September 1. Pray as students are challenged to form small groups. (3) A GC3 camp and SOE graduation were held in Mbakana on the Bateke Plateau in D.R. Congo. One SOE graduate reported sharing the gospel with the third wife of the chief of one village and her family. Though they did not immediately respond, their hearts seemed open. Pray for follow-up efforts to bring a harvest of souls! (4) Continue to remember Therese—the pastor’s wife in D.R. Congo who is pregnant—for safe delivery of a healthy child. (5) The new year of training at the Jos, Nigeria SOE is slated to begin Monday. Fifteen students are expected. Pray for safety in travel and an easy adjustment to school life.

ER FRIENDS: (1) Wes Eisemann is home from the hospital. Please continue to pray for a complete return to health. (2) Pray for those fighting serious illnesses: Janet Bunge, Rick Burns, Tom and Lois Charls, Mary Clark, Mike Jacobi, Prudy Long, Dick Reznik, Robyn Schwartz, Gale Wetzel, Sally Wilcox and Susan Spann Yetter. (3) An ER friend from El Paso requests prayer for his children; another asks us to pray for a job for her granddaughter. (4) Pray for those in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey, especially ER friends in San Augustine who are now experiencing heavy rain. The nearby Ayish Bayou is expected to flood tomorrow morning. (5) Board member Aimee Astarita gave birth to a son, Colin Finn Patrick early Tuesday morning. Let’s rejoice with them and pray for good health in days to come.

ER STAFF AND HOME OFFICE: (1) Praise God for His blessing on the WIN event held last weekend in Morehead, Kentucky. Eleven women and one gentleman received the challenge to fulfill the Great Commission. Pray for those who pledged to begin WIN groups. Thank you for praying! Begin now to intercede for the WIN event scheduled in Hartville, Ohio September 9. (2) J. & A. D____ welcomed a son, Caleb, to their family last Thursday. Doctors have recommended two weeks of bed rest for mom, A_____. Pray for her healing, and for J_____ as he cares for her and their son.

Thank you for praying with us!