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July 11, 2018

India: The 26th School of Evangelism class will begin later this month in Odisha. Breakthrough is needed for an outreach effort to the neighborhoods – it has been postponed until the 3rd week of July.  Pray for a Soul Winning training for new believers in the Mankidia people group on July 17th – many participants are illiterate and health issues are widespread. The trainers need wisdom, insight, patience and persistence!


Dan P., director of our School of Evangelism in Dhanbad, Jharkhand State, reports 16 gospel workers in a partner ministry were arrested July 5th on charges of seeking to convert villagers to Christianity.  The government is seeking full punishment, including imprisonment up to four years. Pray that this event and its aftermath will bring thousands to Christ!


Nigeria: Mawo and Janet Abaya are having an encouraging, refreshing time in the USA, including trips to Maryland and the west coast.  Pray for safety in continuing travel. Meanwhile the violence in Nigeria is approaching dimensions of ethnic cleansing. Pray for God to stop it, protect the ISOE campus and embolden the students being recruited for the September class.


Philippines: Dale Garside is in Baguio now.  Bob Bickert was encouraged by the enthusiasm the SOE students showed in his training on how to share their testimony and faith.  They were then thrilled in Dale’s course on teaching them how to prepare a message from Bible stories.  The report from the team in Manila indicated that they expect 100 – 200 Portable Bible School graduates by year-end!


ER friends: Pray for those fighting serious illnesses: Janet Bunge, Rick Burns, Lois Charls, Arlene Johnson, Jeanette LaMothe, Dick Reznik, Robyn Schwartz, Bernice Spann.


ER Office: We’re excited to be busy getting ready for annual dinners in Wilmore July 28, and Mansfield, OH July, 30 and looking forward to seeing so many of you then.  Please let us know if you expect to be with us, and feel welcome to bring a friend who is not yet familiar with this work.  We love sharing the story of what God is doing!  May He be praised!


Thanks for praying with us!




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The Rajput are a noble class. High caste communities find it especially difficult to humble themselves enough to accept God’s free gift. The combined subgroups total more than 40 million. Sustained prayer and dedicated workers are needed. Evangelical Christian: .02%