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Pray for the U.S.A, especially as we celebrate our Independence tomorrow. Many of you who receive this are not American; we ask, nevertheless, that you pray with us for our nation. Pray that our leaders will seek righteousness and justice, and that we will be a country where God’s glory and goodness are both proclaimed and modeled.



Praise God with us for a Portable Bible School scheduled to begin next weekend near Baguio. The lesson book, Called to Shepherd God’s People, is being printed this week in Ilocano, one of the region’s main languages. Pray for the teachers and students, that hearts will be transformed by the truths of God’s Word as they study and learn together.



Our partners in Odisha, India are seeing remarkable fruit from ER’s WIN (Women in Ministry) project. They are coupling this disciple-making movement with 35 literacy programs among women of the Khadia, Lodha and Kutia. These are three unreached people groups with high illiteracy rates.

Two healings in India: Our partner in Jharkhand sent the following report: “Two men were opposing our pastor since 2017 and never allowed him to enter their village. Our God is so great: both men became very sick/bedridden, but they knew that our pastor has special healing power. So they called our pastor for prayer. After the pastor’s prayer they were both healed and both accepted Jesus as their personal Savior. Now a house church has been started in that village.” Pray for these two men and the new house church.

Dhanbad: Two child development centers are scheduled to be launched this Saturday, July 6, to serve and reach Mu$l!m families with God’s light and love. Please pray that strong foundations will be laid for fruitful relationships among these neighbors and friends.



Pray for the Midwest Chinese Church Association conference this weekend in OH. Pray that many Chinese believers in the U.S. will understand how the Lord has uniquely positioned them to reach the lost in the mainland. Pray for divine appointments for Steve, Doran and Caleb as they introduce and explain ER’s Portable Bible School discipleship ministry at the conference.


ER FRIENDS: Pray for those fighting serious illnesses and injuries: Janet Bunge, Rick Burns, Lois Charles, Linda DuPree, Jeanette LaMothe, Dick Reznik, Robyn Schwartz, Larry Crabb, and Owen Wetzel.


HOME OFFICE: Janet Bunge, Rick Burns, Lois Charls, Larry Crabb, Linda DuPree, Judyann Gould, Jeanette LaMothe, D.B. Hrudaya, Dick Reznik, Robyn Schwartz, Rev. P. Tode, and Owen Wetzel.



Note: Some information has been redacted to protect privacy. See note below for a guide to acronyms.


“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” Psalm 33:12a









Unreached People Groups:

There are over 2 ½ million Musahars in India, with 0.0% believers. In the bottom tier of India’s social structure, many have begun responding to the good news of God’s salvation. Thousands of Musahars have been baptized each year and the number is growing. Dozens have been trained in two of ER’s residential Schools of Evangelism (SOEs) and in several Mobile Schools of Evangelism (MSOEs). Please pray for our partners in Bihar and Jharkhand as they evangelize and disciple these receptive people. Pray that many more thousands of Musahars will come to Christ. This harvest field is ripe!