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January 10, 2018

INDIA: (1) Rev. Prakash T. and his ministry team held two rallies over the New Year’s weekend with 1,000 newly baptized believers from the Katkari, Warli, Gond, Korku, and several other unreached people groups. Of the 1,000 people, 200 were youths, many of them the fruit of the GC3 (Great Commission Challenge Camps) ministry. (2) Praise God for 15 who received baptism last month in three Miri (an Unreached People Group) villages. The Jesus film was used to introduce the gospel to another 1,000 people in 10 villages. Pray for Evangelist S. Doley, who leads this work.

NIGERIA: Several MBBs (Mu$l!m Background Believers) living in a refugee camp want to attend the School of Evangelism in Jos, Nigeria. The problem is that if they leave the camp they won’t be allowed to return to their families in the camp. Pray they will be given special visas that would allow them to re-enter the camp after having completed their training.

PHILIPPINES: (1) An email from Pastor Angelito S. reports 28 being trained in a Portable Bible School. Pastor Angelito writes that his ministry has been greatly encouraged by the assistance of PBS graduates now working in the fields. (2) Pray that facilities will be found for housing students who will attend the School of Evangelism that is to open in Baguio in March. (3) Pray for Dr. Bob Bickert as he heals from a very painful abscessed tooth.

REP. OF CONGO: Rev. Gabriel Sita reports three Portable Bible Schools starting this week in Brazzaville, Imphondo and Ollombo. Pray for the teachers and staff, that these schools will bring great spiritual growth to these three regions.

ER FRIENDS: (1) Pray for those fighting serious illnesses: Janet Bunge, Rick Burns, Tom and Lois Charls, Arlene Johnson, Dick Reznik, Robyn Schwartz, Sally Wilcox and Susan Yetter. Sally Wilcox’s condition is serious. (2) Rev. Gale Wetzel, who was on the previous list for several months, is feeling much better and has returned to many former activities, including ministry in a local prison.

HOME OFFICE: (1) Praise God for a healthy financial balance at year’s end, and for ER’s many faithful, generous partners! Pray for God’s continued leading, provision and blessing in this New Year. (2) We are holding the first US PBS Teachers’ Training Seminar in the ER home office in Kentucky. The six days of training will conclude this Friday.

STAFF TRAVEL: (1) Drs. Mawo and Janet Abaya will return to Nigeria from the US this Sunday. Pray for God’s comfort and safe travel for them as they say goodbye to family and return to a volatile region. (2) Doran Morgan is finalizing arrangements for his trip next month to Nigeria and Cameroon. Pray for visas and other travel logistics. Doran will be accompanied by Elnathan Nyamuke from Kinshasa, Congo. (3) Pray too for God’s leading for Paul Braun for his March trip to India and for Steve and Lorrie Liversedge for their March trip to the Philippines. (4) Revs. Stephen and Shanti Rawate will also travel in March from India to teach for a few weeks in the Philippines SOE.

Thank you for praying with us!


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Unreached People Group (UPG): Pray for the Padaung of Myanmar. There are approximately 61,600 Padaung, with only around 600 believers. Pray that graduates of our three Schools of Evangelism (SOEs) in Myanmar will find ways to reach these people with the love and salvation of God