Schools of Evangelism

Nine months of training in Schools of Evangelism (SOEs) equips graduates to become specialists in evangelism and church planting.

Portable Bible Schools:

Teacher Training Seminar


Click and register to attend a two weekend, six day seminar. You will learn to teach ER's 40-day Portable Bible School. Dates will be announced for a 2019 session.


GC3 Camps

Youth are mobilized in Great Commission Challenge Camps to become tentmakers - witnessing for Christ no matter their chosen vocation.

Portable Bible Schools

200 hours of lessons equip graduates to become lay pastors for local churches. Schools are usually held near the homes of those who attend.

Unreached People Groups

SOEs are focusing efforts on spreading the gospel among 29 unreached  groups which ER has adopted. Many have never heard the gospel!

Women's Impact Network

WIN is mobilizing women to meet in mentoring groups with one woman and three disciples. Those disciples then begin new WIN groups.

Prayer Seminars

ER has partnered with PEL Ministries  to equip believers to pray effectively for people who are lost, tearing down strongholds that hinder salvation.

Inductive Bible Study

The IBS method of studying the Bible is useful to pastors, lay leaders and all Christ followers desiring to mature and be effective disciple makers.

AIDA Literature

The Association for International Discipleship Advancement (AIDA) publishes literature to more than 900 CEOs of churches and denominations.