About Evangelism Resources




ER was founded in 1976 by veteran missionaries Dr. Willys and Thelma Braun.  Upon completion of their service as C&MA missionaries in the Democratic Republic of Congo, ER was envisioned as a way to provide trained leaders to rural churches which were often led by lay pastors. Since those days, more than 100,000 lay pastors have graduated from Portable Bible Schools, and more than 5,000 church planters have been trained in Schools of Evangelism.

Although the Brauns were missionaries with the Christian & Missionary Alliance, ER maintains ties with no single denomination.  Our partners in ministry overseas are from many denominations. Through its interdenominational fellowship, the Association of International Discipleship Advancement (AIDA), ER is equipping CEOs of many denominations to focus on evangelism, which should be the first love of the Church, making it an every day, every member activity.

Evangelism Resources is established on the Bible, which is the inspired, infallible Word of God. Our passion is to fulfill the Great Commission, spoken by Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20. We believe that every person deserves the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice for sin.  We also believe that faith in Jesus is the only basis for receiving salvation.



Why Support Us?

Indigenous Workers

ER's workers are nationals. No expatriate missionaries are living overseas. This is cost efficient, and easily overcomes barriers of language and/or culture.

Financially Accountable

ER is a member in good standing of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. This ensures that all financial policies are sound and carried out with integrity.

Board Directed

ER's Board of Directors is a diverse group of doctors, business people and pastors.  There is very low turnover, and some of the original board members are still serving.


The combined missions experience of the home office staff is more than 100 years! Their wisdom gives strength to the programs and ministries.


Because the home office is staffed by only five full-time people, the vast majority of funds donated to ER goes directly to ministries overseas.


Reports are continually received from our overseas partners, with great numbers of people receiving Christ and being baptized.


 to the Great Commission