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5.5 billion people in the world are lost - they have never responded to the gospel, or have never heard of Jesus. Viewing all their faces at a rate of five per second, it would take 35 years to see them all.

Evangelism Resources uses time-tested, exceptionally cost-effective means to train national evangelists and lay pastors to reach their own people with the life-transforming message of salvation in Jesus Christ, thus fulfilling the Great Commission.

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Evangelism Resources is active around the globe training national pastors and leaders for evangelism in order to complete the Great Commission. They are often eager and ready to do great things for Jesus Christ, but lack sufficient resources. If you want to help, click on the donation button to access our secure site for online giving. You may also click here for a printable form to assist you in sending a check by mail.

ER equips gifted evangelists and outreaching churches with practical tools for evangelism through three distinct programs:  Schools of Evangelism, Portable Bible Schools and Association of International Discipleship Advancement (AIDA) ministries. Click on the buttons below to access multimedia content describing our exciting mission!

happening now...WIN! 

ER is launching a new initiative, the Women's Impact Network (WIN) for the glory of God and the advancement of discipleship efforts among women in India. The most exciting current news?... A MATCHING GRANT has been received for WIN, in which every dollar given to the program through December 31st will be matched!  Click here to be directed to a page outlining this new program!


Click here to be directed to a page describing our new project to reach UPGs - unreached people groups.

NEWS FROM THE FIELDS - Read our bi-monthly newsletter, featuring the most current news and events from ER mission fields. The January-February 2014 issue has a centerfold with sensitive information regarding one ministry. Send an e-mail to: eroffice@qx.net to request it.

Click here to read our 2013 "Talking Turkey" letter, with a focus on the new project to evangelize Unreached People Groups (UPGs). 

NEW!  FROM SLAVE TO DAUGHTER - Learn how a 2012 Women's Conference impacted women in Karnataka formerly enslaved in the devadasi system of temple prostitution.

THE NEED FOR SPEED - This video, released in 2012, communicates the message that God is calling on ER to accelerate its efforts to win the lost. It gives remarkable stories about the growth of ER ministries around the world, particularly through GC3.

GIVE ME THIS MOUNTAIN -   Our 2009 video tells the story of ER ministries, and of new SOEs slated to open. These are now operating, praise the Lord!

BANJARA MIRACLE - Hear Sagar Bhukya recount the miraculous working of God's power and the remarkable faith of a grandmother who only knew one sentence to pray! This 11-minute interview was recorded with John Musick September 28, 2012.

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